Saturday, January 7, 2017

Kahoot! vs Quizizz

Kahoot vs. Quizizz

I am often asked: Are you Team Kahoot! or Team Quizizz?
I reply I play for both teams!

Both apps have as place in my class and they should have a place in yours as well. I like to use Kahoot! for Monday review of games that are no longer than 10 questions. I like to use Quizizz for reviews that are up to 40 questions. Let me tell you why and give you a quick over view of each.

Create a Kahoot! HERE
Play a Kahoot! HERE

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform where the teacher controls the pace of the review and puts a timer on the length of the questions. The students view the question up on the main board, and the students select the answer with the corresponding question on their device. After each question the students are ranked and the top five leaders appear on the main board. 
  • The teacher can select the game to be played in classic mode, where the students play individually or Team mode, where the students play in a team of three. 
  • I only play Kahoots with questions of 10 or less to prevent students who are in last place from giving up and dragging the game on for as long as possible.
  • Teachers are provided with instant feedback of correct vs inccorect after each questions to review the material right there for the students to understand.
  • Teachers can create their own lessons from scratch OR use/modify pre-existing reviews from the community.
  • Teachers are provided with a spreadsheet of analytics if they wish to review the students progress for their records. 
  • Have students create their own Kahoots to show their knowledge. Only downside is that they have to create their own accounts so this could be a sticky situation with student privacy Laws.
  • Easily put a Kahoot Play button on your Google Classroom as a Topic Item.

Create a Quizizz HERE
Join Quizizz HERE
Quizizz is also a game-based learning app, the difference here is that students pace themselves, student directed, and can be played with the class as a whole using the live function, or as "Homework" to be played when the student is ready.
  • All is true about Quizizz which I said above about Kahoot, but since it is student paced and they have the the game on their machine, they have more ownership of the review and can last form longer sessions than Kahoot.
  • On the live version there are three different types of analytics to view on the teachers dashboard:
    • Overall Correct vs Incorrect answers
    • Individual Student Progress on the "Racetrack Screen"
    • Individual question correct vs. incorrect.
  • Integrated with Google Classroom, easily push the game with the code to Google Classroom for easy one click access.
  • Homework mode can be played in class or at home. They play against all students who are reviewing the material, but at their own time. Great to use for team teaching across the hall, across the state, or across the world.
  • You can create your own quiz, or copy/edit from the gallery. You can even create your own by borrowing individual questions from multiple pre-made quizizz. 
  • Crowd Source questions from your students with this easy trick:
  • This trick prevents the hassle of students needing permission to create their own account.