Monday, April 3, 2017

Flipgrid Fever! Hacking The Grid

Hacking the GRID!

Flipgrid Unplugged #3: Hacking the Grid with Joe Marquez from Flipgrid on Vimeo.

Flipgrid is one of the best educational programs to come out with in the last few years. At first look it seems to be a simple student video response program, but when you look at it through a hackers eyes it becomes much more. The more I look into the program the more usefulness I find for it and the more creative my students get with this. This post will be a live living post where I will update, add, and tweek all the ways I find to hack flipgrid within my classroom:

Flipgrid in YOUR Classroom:

  • Intro Ticket/Exit Ticket
    • What do you remember, what did you learn
  • End of Lab Summaries
    • When you ask a student to write a short summary of what they learned in the lab, the only question they tend to ask is "How long does it have to be?" 
    • When you ask a student to do a Flip, they ask how many people are going to see this. It becomes a community post and because of this they tend to take thier time and trully investigate the best way to explain what they have learned. In fact they may record thier post 3 or 4 times, unprompted, to make sure they look and sound good to their peers. 
  • Mini-Movies
    • ex: Newtons 3 Laws
    • Using the Flipgrid mobile app our class has been able to create some creative "Vine" type Flips of classroom topics. The mobile app allows us to get outside and record the science around us instead of being couped up in our four walls.
  • Group Science Scavenger Hunts
  • Lab Station Responses
    • I love doing "Station labs" in the tune of "Speed Dating" The groups need to get to their station, conduct their Mini-experiment, then explain the science behind it and its relation to the world around them. By creating a Lab Grid and a Flip Topic per station I have been getting truly insightful responses, much different than having them write a few sentences of explanations at each station.
  • Classroom to Classroom connections! In school or beyond!
  • Student Tips to incoming grades
  • Back to school night parent introductions
  • State of the Classroom Updates for parents
    • I used to use YouTubes quick record feature to give my parents weekly classroom updates in a "State of the Classroom" sort of way. With the quick record feature removed, Flipgrid is perfect. Just record a quick weekly wrap-up of the week and use the date as the thumbnail. Great way to keep All Parent in the loop.
  • Get to know the class activity
  • Science Fair interviews
  • Upload Screencasts!!
    • Screencastify
  • Clamation/Stop-motion Models
    • Get your AP High School Students to Tutor your Jr. High Students

Flipgrid on your Campus or School Events:

  • Get to know the Staff/Teachers
  • Whole School interviews
  • Virtual PixelPal
  • Senior Legacy Posts
    • Have senioirs (12th or 8th) lave a memorable event from thier time at the school, or leave the incoming students tips on how to survive.
  • School Rules
  • Sports Clips
    • Upload your school best sports highlights to a grid topic
  • Great for EL and Foreign Language
    • create FlipPals; join classes from other countries of students who speak the language you are studying.
  • Flipgrid Booths at School Dances
    • Forget photobooths! FlipBooth is so much more! Leave comments about the dance, or messages to friends who are or are not there.

Flipgrid in YOUR everyday Life:

  • Birthday/Wedding Wishes
    • Dont go around asking people to say a quick wish to the man/woman of the hour, leave the flipgrid code/QR code in the program and let them wish them well on their own time. Even people who cant attend can participate!
  • Conference Presenter Quick Looks
    • record 30 sec presenter slams for each session so your attendees know what to expect from the session and the presenters style!
  • Neighborhood Watch
    • Upload thos videos of the strangers on your block
  • Twitter PD
    • #FlipgridFever


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